Strategic Advisory

TaylorDeJongh’s senior team averages more than 25 years in the energy and infrastructure sectors. Their careers have spanned several economic cycles. Their perspectives and fundamental understanding of the industry provide the basis for sound strategic advice that is good “for the long haul.”

TDJ has a 360° view of transaction issues. The firm has advised developers, lenders, governments and contractors on energy and infrastructure investment projects. The firm understands risks from all points of view. This expertise helps identify strategic goals and expedites the negotiating process, whether in an M&A transaction, capital placement or project investment.

As a fully independent advisor, with a history of innovation in financial structuring, TDJ is in a strong position to advise and assist its clients in accomplishing their objectives. With in-depth industry knowledge and indisputable structuring expertise, TDJ provides tailored strategic advice for companies or investors seeking to expand or diversify their positions in the energy sector. The firm’s focus on efficient transactional execution sets it apart from more theoretical approaches to strategic advice.