Upstream and Midstream

TaylorDeJongh offers a solid, well-rounded perspective to the upstream space, having advised clients at the asset and corporate level, sell-side and buy-side, and on oil & gas transactions on nearly every continent. From this wealth of experience, TaylorDeJongh brings to each transaction a deep understanding of the various complexities—such as fiscal regime economics, monetization strategies, and market and political risk exposure—surrounding oil and gas investment and financing.  TaylorDeJongh is able to quickly analyze the key issues of each project and provide its client with focused, senior-level advice on how to effectively achieve its goals.

The suite of services provided by TaylorDeJongh include: acquisition search, screening and market intelligence; management of acquisition or disposal processes; deal management; valuation; bid strategy; management of due diligence; structuring and negotiations. The firm can also assist with acquisition finance and capital raising for upstream transactions.

In the long history of the firm’s operations, TaylorDeJongh has assisted clients in structuring transactions and raising capital for midstream assets, either as an integral part of an upstream project or on a standalone basis. These assets encompass a wide range of facilities from heavy oil upgraders through pipelines to LNG terminals and associated shipping.