There has been a surge of greenfield refinery projects as new capacity shifts away from centers of consumption to oil-producing countries that seek to capture greater value from their natural resources. Economies of scale dictate that these increasingly complex, “full-conversion” plants—designed to extract greater value from heavier and sourer oil—are also growing in size. New greenfield refineries can often be 200,000 BPSD, with 400,000 BPSD becoming increasingly more common.

At the other end of the scale, many emerging economies seek to capture at least a portion of their indigenous crude production by creating smaller scale refineries to handle local market refined product requirements.

TaylorDeJongh has advised on some of the most prestigious and recognized refining projects worldwide. The firm has advised on 24 refineries in 20 countries. TDJ has advised on refinery projects from the earliest stages through to financial closing and is knowledgeable about the key issues related to mitigating risks and structuring financings for complex refinery projects.