Access to local hydrocarbon feedstocks and rapidly growing global demand for basic chemicals and their products have driven a massive global readjustment in the chemicals and petrochemicals industry. Large scale production facilities have shot up in the Middle East, Brazil and Southeast Asia. Rapidly growing markets in China and India have anchored the demand side.

TaylorDeJongh participated in many of the landmark project finance transactions in the petrochemical and gas-to-fertilizer sectors over the past decade. The firm has acted as financial advisor on 44 projects in 121 countries since 1994. The firm advised on large scale integrated petrochemical complexes in feedstock-rich countries such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Brazil, as well as for specialty chemicals and ammonia/urea plants for regional demand in countries such as Trinidad and Tobago, Algeria, Egypt and Indonesia.

TDJ has advised from feasibility stage through commercial negotiations, financing term sheet negotiations, on the selection of lenders, and all the way through to financial closing, for some of the industry-leading deals in this sector.